The White Line Chronicles...


Welcome to the White Line Chronicles.  It's kind of my personal diary/timeline of this project, and just general rants, raves and bitchin' about nonsense.

SO...entry one.  Welcome to the website.  There's some music available now on here from the album TSMLRN (To Save My Life Right Now) which we are steadily getting closer to completing.  So far, I am very pleased and hope you will be too.  

I strayed away from music, art, etc., and became more introverted than I ever had been, and this project has brought my existence (and the purpose thereof) back into focus.  I am thrilled to be sharing these songs with you all, and to be playing and recording them with many of my long time friends, who just so happen to be some of the best damned musicians anywhere.  

So stay tuned for further updates...March 29th-April 1st we will be mixing the first 7 songs with David Barrick at his incredible facility in Glasgow, Kentucky, and then, April 2-4 we will be trying to knock out the majority of what remains to be completed on the record.  Long story short, by Derby we hope to have the album wrapped and be able to focus our attention on completing the documentary and getting out around Louisville to play a few shows and get comfy with the set...much love and gratitude to you all!  

Positive energy breeds positive energy and negative energy breeds negative energy... 

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