The White Line Chronicles...Post No. 3

Greetings and salutations!!

So I haven't posted in awhile, been super busy working on the record.  Have been down at Barrick Recording Studios in Glasgow, Ky, the past two days, with the immensely talented David Barrick!  The mixes are sounding incredible - thank you, Sir Dave - I just shared preview clips of Sister Molecule and All This Clean Livin' - and will post more later, but at the moment I am about to head down to Earthtone Analog recording Company and resume work on the remaining 5 songs on the album, and I am very pleased to say my very good friend and former bandmate from the Trustees, "Big" Mike O'Hara just flew in from Florida just to play on a couple tunes...can't wait to see him and to hear what all he lays down on the record.  Very honored that he'd go out of his way so much just to come play on the album.   

Stayed tuned for more soon....tip your bartender.

Positive energy breed positive energy and negative energy breeds negative energy, always... 

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