The White Line Chronicles...Post No. 4

Hey y'all, been up here in Morgantown, WV the past few weeks, the weather is finally getting nice and I've gotten out and played a few open mics here in town, in hopes of meeting some local musicians, and I've gotta say, there's definitely some talent in Morgantown.  Big shout out to my new buddy Trae Bucker from the Hillbilly Gyspies...y'all gotta check 'em out.  Links are on facebook.

I'll be headed back to the 'Ville in a few days time (again - it's about 1,100 miles round trip - I gets my windshield time) to get very close to having this record finished.  The songs on the second half are coming together well, and I can't wait to get back to Barrick Recording in Glasgow to get 'er mixed and mastered.

Special thanks to Will Sieg for designing our logo, we are VERY happy.  Also, on that tip, the line-up for the record release party has been set, we will be formally announcing it in the coming days...stay tuned.

Please like us on facebook (search @trainwrecklightnin) and thanks to everyone for all their support.

Remember kids, positive energy breeds positive energy, and negative energy breeds negative energy.  Period.  Just sayin'...

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